RCML programming toolkit (C++/Java/Python) for industrial robots made by
RCML programming toolkit (C++/Java/Python) for industrial robots made by

RCML toolkit is intended to be used in the following cases:
Creating a new application for an industrial robot

Building up a robotized cell which requires complex programming logic
Developing a new technology for industrial robotics
If you want the controlling an industrial robot from a PC
If you need an API for an industrial robot
In the latter case, capabilities of post-processing systems are not sufficient. You will need a reliable and capable API solution which would send the feedback from a robot.

Program your technological process
save time and money on solving typical tasks, for which there is existing RCML code.

RCML toolkit offers:
Unified API for robots made by KUKA, FANUC, ABB, YASKAWA
which is capable of:
  • executing of all robot movements (joint, cartesian, lin, arc, circ, spline) and setting their parameters (cnt, speed, DIO);
  • controlling the periphery devices connected to a robot (positioners, linear axes, grippers, welding machines, etc);
  • controlling all types of robot signals: digital (DIO, GIO, UIO, RIO) and analog (AIO);
  • processing exceptions of safety / maintenance / movement / alarm in auto mode.
SDK for C++, Java, Python
Program industrial robots in the comfortable programming language.

The SDK will make your application independent of the robot brand.
It can automatically check the compatibility of your application with the configuration of the robot.
Capabilities required in every robot application
  • management of the flow of tasks, reprogramming of robot(s) due to a change in tasks and/or priorities;
  • motion planning, calculation of axis's positions;
  • visualization, import of CAD models for robots and rigging;
  • prevention of collisions, bypassing obstacles, etc;
  • easy to use user interface for managing robot applications.
Built-in protection against unauthorized copying
Tools for licensing your application to end users and robots
Binding to the time of operation, serial numbers of a controller or a robot.
Feedback about user & robot experience of your application
Provides anonymous feedback about user & robot experience of your application through RCML cloud.

  • Robot App is an application where you can program behavior of robots in the programming language of your choice.
  • RCML Modules is a set of tools for solving typical tasks in the application of industrial robots.
  • RCML Runtime platform is the core of RCML. It manages access to applications for robots, accumulates User & Robot Experience, and controls licenses.
  • RCML Сloud is a cloud-based service that allows to get the User & Robot Experience of your apps.
  • RCML Dashboard is an easy-to-use interface for end users interacting with Robot App.

Six reasons to choose RCML
Profiled, tested and proven production code,
which working since 2014.
More than 10 times cheaper than hiring a group of programmers
that will do the same job for 3 years.
In RCML, there is an app store called Repository
20 ready to use modules for a wide variety of industrial tasks.
  • Professional community consisting of RCML users from 47 countries.
  • Learn the best use cases for RCML from community leaders.
Capable of increasing efficiency of robotics programmers and the service engineers
  • rapid setup of robots for your particular application and its deployment on the customer's robots;
  • removing necessity to lay cables and describe signals from a robot to a PLC or another robot;
  • does not require reconfiguration of the robots for switching active app.
All technological code in one place
The code is no more split up between robots and a PLC. No need to copy-paste technological code and then adjust it for each robot separately.

Developed with the support of

There is large, vibrant RCML open source community.

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